The 115th Fighter Wing has both a federal and state mission:


The federal mission is to deliver dominant combat air power and provide agile support for domestic operations 

Three fighter jets in the air


  • Expertise in Explosive Ordnance Disposal; Counter Drug Operations; Aerospace Control Alert commitment; Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense (CBRNE) Enhanced Response; and Debris Clearance Package.
  • Recent deployments to Iraq, Poland, Japan, and South Korea
  • Regional first responders for military ordnance disposal, trained and equipped to detect and neutralize explosive devices
  • Dedicated F-16 pilots and aircraft available for immediate response 24/7
  • Provides capability to counter aerospace threats
  • Ready to respond to potential threats inside or outside U.S. airspace
  • Provide explosive threat security to VIPs throughout the U.S.
  • RC-26 aircraft relays real-time visual data of natural and man-made disasters
  • Provides medical, fatality recovery, and communications support • Available 24/7 for FEMA and military deployment



The state mission is to protect life and property and preserve peace, order, and public safety

Members of the 115th Fighter Wing provide support by placing sand bags during summer flooding in southern Wisconsin in 2018


  • Security Forces trained to counter threats outside military installations
  • Provides critical emergency assistance to civil authorities
  • Supports natural disasters, counter drug and border security operations
  • Deployed airmen provided critical communication, public affairs, and food service operations support in response to Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria
  • Primary fire and rescue for Dane County Regional Airport
  • First responder assistance to surrounding communities
  • Contributes $13 million in facilities, equipment, and manpower to local economy